Rice is a cereal that feeds half of the planet. In Nigeria and Africa, the demand for rice is growing and consumers tend to want rice that are high quality in terms of taste and also promote food security. Yet rice production cannot keep up with the demand and the available land for rice paddy fields is getting constantly scarcer. There is therefore a need for higher productivity that is also environmentally sustainable. WEMS AGRO experts are fully aware of these issues and are prepared to apply their expertise in finding solutions to this challenge!

Introducing our 5,400 hectares rice farm project located in Akotogbo village in Irele LGA of Ondo State. Our main goal is to use the system of rice intensification (SRI) to grow paddy and create much needed employment in the region. This simple approach has effectively fueled our business plan and we are thrilled you’ve decided to study our investment offering and to discover what we’re all about.

It’s a good time to get involved in agriculture. Get started today and build a sustainable future with us.